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We are extremely pleased to be able to announce the appointment of Kathy Horricks as Secretary, moving Brandy Schroeder into Vice President/Treasurer effective September 1, 2014.

Kathy Horricks has been a committed, reliable ABBA volunteer for many years. She joins us with a strong competitive background and blasted the stage in figure for her first time in 2012 all the way to nationals. She remains a provincial level competitor with the desire to perhaps step on stage again. Her professional background bodes well for the ABBA with a Marketing Diploma and Project Management Certificate working towards her PMP designation, with experience from relationship and stewardship programming to event and volunteer management.

We are all excited to work together in a balanced efficient manner. Building from a solid foundation is paramount. With a concrete ABBA team working for you, we are solidifying just that! This appointment is certainly going to enable us to manage the day to day efficiently with time to focus on improving, adding and changing as deemed necessary.

We are committed to creating a sound platform in which the ABBA can operate from and the members can have security with. Thank you for your continued support. We look forward to seeing you all at Muscle Beach and the 2014 Awards Banquet the weekend of October 11 & 12. Tickets for the awards banquet are on sale now online, and please take some time to vote for your peers!

Tara Jensen
ABBA President

Click here to review the: 2014 ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING MINUTES

THERE HAVE BEEN CHANGES TO THE BYE STRUCTURE AS DETAILED IN THE 2014 AGM MINUTES, THE SITE WILL BE UPDATED AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Please contact president@abba.ab.ca with any questions in the interim.


All 2015 ABBA-sanctioned competitions are open for bids until September 24, 2014. Bids must include:
- Show for which you want to bid
- Your financial offering
- City and Venue at which you plan to hold the competition
- Sponsors that you have on board
- Your involvement in the industry

Please forward all bids to president@abba.ab.ca


We are pleased to advise that the new Bylaws were unanimously passed and will be filed with Corporate Registry immediately. The new Bylaws will be posted on the website permanently once they are filed, in the interim they are linked below.

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Important Announcement Regarding CBBF Affiliation

Any CBBF member who is found to be working with or promoting organizations not recognized by the IFBB/CBBF has contravened its rules and/or by laws and may be subject to disciplinary measures.

Professional athletes, judges, and officials from organizations not recognized by the IFBB/CBBF shall not be permitted to participate in or to promote their organizations in any capacity at CBBF or CBBF sanctioned events or those events conducted by CBBF affiliates.