The Alberta Bodybuilding Association is pleased to offer our athletes the very best in photography and videography coverage at all of our sanctioned events. We are proud to have top industry photographer David Ford as our Official ABBA Photographer. David has exclusive rights to all ABBA events. David's team often arranges back stage photography as well. In addition to David's services, we are excited to have Drew Kenworthy and his team shooting the exclusive video at our three June events. Drew has been working with the ABBA for several years and continuously provides our athletes with a great product.


David Ford Photography


David Ford is a world-renowned photographer and we are lucky to have him as ABBA's official photographer since 2001.   David is the Director of Photography with Status Fitness Magazine and has featured many ABBA athletes in the industry leading publication. David provides all images to the ABBA for promotion and media use which, since 2011, has included Muscle Insider magazine.

David sits front and center to capture your stage moments!  You will receive a minimum of 10 but in most cases up to or over 50 photographs from both the morning and night shows including your mandatories, comparisons, and routine (if applicable).  Evening show’s photographs will include the trophy and award presentations where applicable.

All photographs will contain the David Ford and ABBA Logo. This provides strong media credibility and also allows the price to be kept lower than would be charged without. Most importantly, it simplifies the usage of the photos for you. With the logos, you do not need any written release from David Ford to use the photos publicly i.e. internet, social media, print etc.

You will receive your photographs by email within a reasonable time after the show.  The link will come from where you will download them directly onto your own computer to share your achievements with family and friends. Please note that the photo link expires after 14 days.

SEND YOUR ORDER REQUEST TO: with the following information:

$100 for one class
$150 for two classes

Payment will be accepted at Weigh Ins: CASH or CHEQUE only!

For more information about David, please visit:
If you wish to book a shoot with David, please contact


Drew Kenworthy has been filming bodybuilding shows in Alberta since 2004. With his crew at Shoelace Media, they work hard to produce a high quality show video for all the athletes to enjoy after so much hard work.

Pre-order your DVD and receive a 10% discount. Check out the Shoelace Media site and purchase your DVD here:

For all video-related questions, comments or concerns, please contact:

Drew Kenworthy
Shoelace Media

Alberta Bodybuilding Association Photography & Video Restrictions

As at all past events, no one is permitted to photograph or video any Alberta Bodybuilding Association event without the expressed written consent of the ABBA. The Alberta Bodybuilding Association reserves the right to decline any/all use of SLR or Video equipment at all ABBA sanctioned events. Flash head photography is strictly prohibited. Unauthorized or prohibited photography of an event may result in camera(s), film/memory card(s) or videotape being confiscated by show representatives. Non SLR (Point & Shoot) still cameras are permitted but videoing and Video cameras are prohibited. In all cases, the resale of photography or video is strictly prohibited. The Alberta Bodybuilding Association has authorized professionals that will cover the events and will supply athletes & media with images from all ABBA events. No exceptions.

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