Women's Physique


Women's Physique Division has been created to give a platform for women who enjoy weight training, competing, and contest preparation. Competitors should display a toned, athletic physique showcasing Femininity, Muscle Tone, and Beauty/ Flow of physique.

Competition Eligibility

Provincials - 2012

  • Provincial Women's Physique Division class is open to all competitors. There is no Pre-qualifier to enter this category.
  • Top 10 competitors qualify for the Nationals.
  • Overall Winner has a lifetime bye to Nationals and may not compete again at the Provincials.
  • First place finishers have a 3 contest Bye to Nationals, of which they can compete twice.
  • Second and Third place finishers have a 2-contest Bye to Nationals of which they have one opportunity to compete.
  • Fourth to tenth place finishers have a 1-contest Bye to Nationals, and must compete that year.

IFBB Pro Card Opportunities

  • In 2012 The CBBF is proud to announce that we will be providing Women's Physique classes at our one or many yet to be determined CBBF national events. Overall winner will receive a Pro Card.
  • North American Physique Championships: Top 3 in the Overall comparisons earn a Pro Card.

Weigh-Ins / Height-Ins (Friday evening before the show)

  • Weigh-ins: Double check your entry form for information concerning the location and time of weigh-ins. It is your responsibility to be on time!!
  • You must bring your suits you plan to compete in to height ins, as the head judge will be looking at the cut of all suits to determine suitability. If you plan to wear a different suit during any phase of the competition, it must be of the same cut or you will need the head judge to inspect the suit before you can be allowed to wear it on stage.
  • Numbers: Your numbered tag should be placed on your left hip. Place it on the flat plane of your hip to prevent it from twisting or flipping around. This way the judges should be able to see it clearly.
  • Bring your food as height ins can be a lengthy process.

Competition Rounds

Rounds of Competition


  • 30 second Individual Free Posing
  • 1/4 Turns
  • Mandatory Posing Comparisons/ Callouts
    1. Each athlete will be called on stage individually. She will walk to the front of the stage and have maximum 30 seconds to perform poses of her choice. She will then acknowledge the judges (wave, nod, knee bend etc.) and move off the stage as directed by the stage marshal

    2. At the end of the presentations, all the athletes will return to the stage and line up on the angled lines on the sides of the stage. The Head Judge will then call out groups of approximately five competitors at a time. They will be directed to center-stage area to perform the following four quarter turns for comparison.
      • Quarter Turn Right
      • Quarter Turn Back
      • Quarter Turn Right
      • Quarter Turn Front

    3. The Head Judge will then go through Mandatory Posing Comparisons/ Callouts with the groups of athletes.

      Mandatory Poses will be performed with OPEN HAND style and include the following poses:

      -Front Double Biceps/ Open Hands (No Flat Footed Full Front Pose- Some sort of twisting Pose)

      -Side Chest with Arms Extended (Front Leg may also be Extended)

      -Back Double Biceps/ Open Hands

      -Side Tricep with Leg Extended

      -Front Ab/ Thigh

  • 60 second Individual Free Posing Routine
  • Music of athletes choice- MUST NOT CONTAIN EXPLICIT LANGUAGE OR PROFANITY or routine will be cut short
  • No props
  • Mandatory Posing Comparisons/ Callouts

womens physique pose
Front abdominal and thigh pose

womens physique pose
Back double biceps pose

Front double bicep pose

Side triceps pose
Judging Criteria

Physique Assessment will include:
  • Symmetry
  • Shape
  • Proportion
  • Muscle Tone
  • Poise
  • Beauty Flow
Physique should display all of the above criteria without compromising Femininity, Beauty/Flow of physique etc.

The Following are examples of common terms used in the Bodybuilding industry. These words can be helpful to assess what should NOT be descriptive to the physiques being judged in Women's Physique (RIPPED, SHREDDED, PEELED, STRIATED, DRY, DICED, HARD, VASCULAR, GRAINY, MASSIVE, THICK, DENSE, ETC)

While all types of physiques will be considered when it comes to height, weight, structure, etc. Excessive muscularity should be scored down accordingly.

Women's Physique should be judged as a standard between Women's Figure and Women's Bodybuilding.

Suit Selection
  • The bikini will be two-piece in style. It can be the athlete's choice of style and color. It can be an off-the-rack suit.
  • The bikini will cover a minimum of 1/2 of the gluteus maximus. The bottom of the suit must be V-shaped. No thongs are permitted.
  • The hair should be styled.
  • Jewelry may be worn.
  • The ABBA Chief Official, or a delegated representative, will have the right to determine if a competitor's attire meets an acceptable standard of taste and decency.

  • No Heels may be worn at any time during the competition/ judging

Judging Results

If you wish to approach the judges, please do so after the show is over, or at the conclusion of the evening finals. The judges at the night show are also judging for the various overall awards so make sure your class has finished. You can also contact the head judge or the Alberta Bodybuilding Association for information regarding scores, results, etc.


This requires that an athlete conduct himself in a manner which will reflect favorably on the sport of bodybuilding. Any conduct contrary to that effect is discouraged, and depending on the severity of such conduct, can lead to suspension from competition. Such conduct includes, but is not limited to:
  1. Making disparaging remarks concerning any ABBA official, judge or fellow athletes in the venue location.
  2. Making disparaging gestures while on stage.
  3. Smashing, breaking or throwing an award, damaging or vandalizing the contest venue.
  4. Any conduct which demeans you, your fellow athletes, judges or officials.
Competition can be a source of great personal triumph. There are no guarantees. The nature of the competition requires "risk taking". Sometimes you may wind up being very disappointed because you did not do as well as you wanted to, or as well as you thought you deserved. Whatever happens, leave the audience with the impression that you are a gracious competitor, that you have dignity and class. The way that you present yourself and take your placement will be remembered long after people remember what place you took.


Front Double Bicep Side Chest Back Double Bicep
Side Triceps Front Abdominal/Thigh