Code of Conduct


IFBB Code of Ethics

The IFBB Code of Ethics exist as a set of beliefs that have been written to serve as guidelines for the way in which all Members, be they athletes, judges, officials, administrators or others, should strive to conduct themselves as Members of the IFBB family. National Federations and other Members join the IFBB of their own free will and, in so doing, agree to abide by the IFBB Constitution and Rules of which the Code of Ethics forms an integral part. Any Member who is found to have contravened the Code of Ethics may be subject to disciplinary measures. 

We, the athletes, realizing that our conduct reflects on the good name of the sport, and realizing the responsibility thereby placed upon us, pledge ourselves: 


to fulfill our responsibility to society, to other athletes, judges, officials, and administrators of the IFBB.


to honour, dignify, and support the sport by competing in the best condition and to the best of our ability, and by being in top shape when giving an exhibition or a seminar. 


 to respect our opponents on equal terms in the spirit of friendly rivalry and good sportsmanship.


 to respect the IFBB Constitution and Rules as well as the rules of competition and 40 to observe them honestly in cooperation with other competitors, judges, officials, administrators, and organizers. 


 to accept the decisions of the judges, officials and administrators in the spirit of good sportsmanship without descending to selfish recriminations, realizing that these decisions have been made honestly, fairly, and objectively. 


to assist the IFBB in the promotion of the sport by acting as a goodwill
ambassador of the sport, promoting the sport in a positive manner, and protecting the good image and integrity of the sport and the IFBB. 


 to work for the IFBB, not against it, in promoting its values, morals and ethics; to exercise our right of protest in a courteous, respectful manner, following the proper chain of command; to refrain from innuendo, malicious gossip and rumour- mongering; to refrain from personal attacks against any other Member of the IFBB. 


to continue striving for bodily perfection and correct moral principles. 


 to honour the special trust conferred upon us by our participation in, and by our representation of, the IFBB and our country, at international events, and to adhere to the standards of personal conduct expected of us. 


 to recognize the value of the sport and to promote its future by serving as an example to inspire other people to participate. 


 to cooperate with our officials and administrators in the development of high standards, both moral and physical, for the sport and in the progressive furtherance of the objects of the IFBB. 


 to oppose the use of banned substances and methods and to compete drug free. 13. to refrain from any conduct that may be considered prejudicial to the IFBB; 


to conduct ourselves at all times in a manner that reflects positively upon the image of the sport and the IFBB. 

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