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Muscular men’s physique category is intended for competitors with slightly bigger muscularity than accepted in the regular men’s physique.

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Sportsmanship requires that an athlete conduct himself in a manner which will reflect favorably on the sport of bodybuilding. Any conduct contrary to that effect is discouraged, and depending on the severity of such conduct, can lead to suspension from competition. Such conduct includes, but is not limited to:

1. Making disparaging remarks concerning any ABBA official, judge or fellow athletes in the venue location.
2. Making disparaging gestures while on stage.
3. Smashing, breaking or throwing an award, damaging or vandalizing the contest venue.
4. Any conduct which demeans you, your fellow athletes, judges or officials.

Competition can be a source of great personal triumph. There are no guarantees. The nature of the competition requires "risk taking". Sometimes you may wind up being very disappointed because you did not do as well as you wanted to, or as well as you thought you deserved. Whatever happens, leave the audience with the impression that you are a gracious competitor, that you have dignity and class. The way that you present yourself and take your placement will be remembered long after people remember what place you took.

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Alberta Bodybuilding Association

It is your responsibility to become aware of all the rules and regulations surrounding your conduct and requirements of you in your role at any ABBA sanctioned event.

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